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You desire TV-quality: flawless visuals and sound. However, television production is a specialized craft. That's why you want to leverage our professionals with the technical expertise to guide your organization and people toward a seamless performance.

We have more than twenty years of experience as the technology partner for leading corporate events and festivals.

Tom van den Heuvel Owner | Video Technician, System & Network Engineer
Folkert-Jan Oosterkamp Account Manager | Director
Stefan Jansen Audio & Video Technician

As a leading provider of audiovisual equipment rental in central Netherlands, we observed the struggle of large companies in managing their studios and control rooms and devised a solution for this.

Kaz van Berlo Studio Management & Maintenance
Sem de Kruijk Planning & Administration
Thijs van Ostaden Switching Technician & Camera Operator
Arnout Straathof Marketing & Content

Jasper van Duinen Marketing & Content

The perfect moment.Perfectly shot,with perfect sound.

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