Broadcast as a Service

visuals and sound.

Imagine: your events, webinars, and corporate presentations with the same professional look as on TV, without any hassle. The in-house livestream studio – close to you. The remote control room – with us: technical experts who elevate your broadcast to a higher level.


Your in-house studio, our high-tech equipment
Your own in-house studio, where we provide all the technical facilities to achieve high-quality broadcasts time and again. The Mollywood concept combines audiovisual expertise with advanced ICT. You no longer need your own equipment or technical personnel behind the scenes. We set up the studio for you with equipment to create truly high-quality broadcasts based on your preferences. The right moment, perfectly captured in visuals and sound. And action!

Examples of studio setups include:
– Webinar / interview
– Talk show
– Multi-functional
– Hybrid event studio / Auditorium

Remote control
By leveraging our capacity to operate multiple studios, personnel and expensive technical equipment are used efficiently, allowing for up to 50% savings on operational costs. In your studio, only the essential equipment is present, such as lighting, cameras, and microphones. Full control is centralized from our command center. This ensures you always have the most extensive capabilities for presenting, participating, broadcasting, and recording. When we introduce new features, you can immediately take advantage of them without additional updates or investments.

Broadcast as a Service subscription
With Mollywood, you gain flexibility and complete peace of mind. On a subscription basis, you utilize our technology and remote control. This ensures you always have the best visuals and crystal-clear sound, without the need for your own investment in equipment or bringing expertise in-house. We take care of everything, including the secure connection between your studio and our control center.

Kaart van Nederland

Your in-
house studio

Our remote
control room

Steal the spotlight in your own in-house studio with high-tech equipment.
High-quality visuals and sound directed from our remote control room.