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We saved on operational costs by having Mollywood handle our remote control. Additionally, we can benefit from the latest equipment without additional expenses, ensuring we always have the best quality recordings.

Setting up an in-house studio can be complex, especially when employees leave and knowledge about the equipment is lost. That’s why it’s essential to have someone internally with the necessary technical expertise and the ability to schedule or hire the right people in a timely manner. This is particularly challenging during unexpected emergency broadcasts.

By centrally controlling operations from our control room, we can distribute capacity across multiple livestream studios, resulting in potential operational cost savings of up to 50%. You always have skilled staff and broadcast guidance, centralizing knowledge. Additionally, expensive technical equipment is utilized efficiently.

At your location, only the essential equipment, such as lighting, cameras, and microphones, is present. The entire operation is managed from our centralized control, saving not only in planning and costs but also providing access to extensive capabilities in presenting, participating, broadcasting, and recording. When we introduce new features, you can immediately take advantage of them without further updates or investments.

To establish the connection between our control and the studios, we prefer to use our high-quality, secure network, managed in-house and specifically designed for this application. This means you’re not dependent on the existing internet connection at your location.

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